Q: What kind of trains is this designed to hold? 
A: The Racks are designed to hold Thomas or Brio Wooden Toy Trains and Thomas Take Along Metal Trains. Most of the Thomas Track-master trains also fit. Certain cars such as Hotwheels will fit as well. See the picture below for the sizes and spacing of the shelves to make sure yours will fit.

                         Ultimate                                             Basic, Mega, Tall 

Q: Is there any stain, paint or clear coat on the wood? 
A: No, the wood is not coated.  This makes it look most like the original train tracks that are offered with Brio and Thomas sets. If you prefer to have it stained , the wood is ready to stain or paint if you would like. 

Q: How does it hang on the wall? 
A: I recommend that you use a #8 or #10 wall anchor.  After you install the anchor into the wall the hooks on the back will fit nicely onto them.

Q: What happens if the rack get lost or damaged in the mail? 
A: I include shipping insurance is purchased so that we are both protected from things we cannot control at the United States Post office. 

Q: Do you make custom sized Train Racks?
A: Sorry, At this time, I cannot accommodate custom orders.

Q: Do you ship International?
A: Yes, I do but there will be an extra fee. Click here to fill out this form and I will send you a Paypal invoice.