Are you tired of not knowing where your favorite Fingerboards are?  Are they sitting in a box or a drawer getting all chipped up and damaged?  Do you wish that you could display all your boards in one place and show them off to your friends?  

This Teck Deck Rack is the solution for all your problems.  Once you get one of these racks, you can proudly display them and collect all the boards you want.  Each rack holds up to 45 boards and are designed to hold each one securely without scratching of damaging the paint. The graphics on the bottom of the board is clearly visible.  

Each Rack can be mounted on the wall or laid on your desk or work table and they are only $15.97.  

Be the first of your fiends to own a Tech Deck Rack. You won't find another one like it because you can only get it here. Click this link to go to the Store to order yours today!