Are you tired of watching your kids getting sucked into video games and computers?  Don't you wish they could get back to basics every once in a while? My boys love these blocks. They can sit for hours building and playing.  These are the coolest building blocks that I have ever seen.  They are oh so simple.  

They work on the 1/3/5 principle.  That means they are 3 times as wide as they are thick and 5 times as long as they are wide. Look at the picture to the right and to see how they interface with each other. Basically, your child can learn about math multiples while having fun and playing.     

Each block is precision cut so that the sizes are very consistant and accurate.  They are made out of high quality pine and contain no paints or clearcoats to worry about. They are 100% pure fun and educational at the same time.  

For a limited time I am offering this product that can't be found anywhere else besides the Train Rack Store for a low introductory price of $19.97 per 100 blocks.  

Go to the Store page to buy a set today.